Lubricant Additive

Lubricant additives have significant role in improving performance of automobiles. Additives containing molybdenum disulfide can minimize temperature peak of gear and ensures noise free running of vehicles. Moreover, this compound reduces build up of heat in the transmission system for smooth functioning of automobiles. Grease based lubricant additives offered under this category show excellent corrosion inhibition attributes and oxidation resistance capacity. Engine oil stabilizers available under this category are effective in restoring dispersants and detergents of lubricants. Quality of this range of additives has been checked as per its shelf life, formulation method, composition, lubricating attributes, grease content and resistance capacity against rust formation and oxidation.

Calcium Sulfonate

Key Features and Benefits:

  •  Corrosion inhibition properties
  •  Acid scavenging
  •  Globally registered

TBN Booster

Application areas:

  • Automotive
  • Stationary diesel lubricants
  • Diesel
  • Railroad
  • Marine

Gear Oil Additives

  • Pack Type:Bittle
  • Type:Gear Oil Additives
  • Use:Industrial
  • Application:Automobile

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